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Careers Module - Job Guarantee Program

Simplilearn, a top online bootcamp, empowers professionals with diverse courses and certifications. Their Job Guarantee Program, collaborating with service providers, ensures a 100% refund if learners don't secure a job within 6 months of graduation.

About Project

Simplilearn is the world's #1 online bootcamp, providing training in disciplines such as Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science.

Through individual courses, comprehensive certification programs, and partnerships with world-renowned universities, Simplilearn equips millions of professionals and thousands of corporate training organizations with the work-ready skills they need to excel in their careers.

The Job Guarantee Program offers a 100% refund if learners don't secure job placement within 6 months of graduation. The program aims to help learners acquire the necessary skills to secure a job by collaborating with various service providers.


Simplilearn aims to offer Job Guarantee programs in Data Science and Full Stack Development. These programs need to be equipped with career services that help learners acquire new skills and nurture their skills to secure a job. The challenges include:

  1. Motivating users to finish their lessons and rewarding them by unlocking new career services.

  2. Blending career services seamlessly into the users' learning journey.

  3. Creating a seamless experience in career services though each service is provided by a service partner.

Discovery - Understanding User Psychology:

Design Process

  1. Understanding User Journey: Analyzing the user journey from onboarding to job security, identifying tasks performed by users and pain points experienced on the Simplilearn platform.

  2. Exploring Career Service Provider Platforms: Gaining insights into the user experience on various career service provider platforms to ensure a seamless transition between Simplilearn and partner platforms.

  3. Gamification and UI Design: Introducing gamification elements to motivate users to finish lessons, incorporating a "Careers" tab next to the learning path, and maintaining consistent UI design language across career services.

Understanding User Journey

The user journey is divided into 4 stages: Onboarding, Pre Learning, Core Learning and Post Learning

a.) Onboarding Stage:

  • Get an overview & access to the platform

  • Provide required details to Simplilearn

  • Get curriculum and tutor details

  • Understand program details

  • View onboarding email

  • Sign up on the platform

  • Join the cohort community

b.) Pre-Learning Stage:

  • Introduce oneself & connect with peers

  • Attend welcome class or program induction

  • Complete pre-assessment

  • Understand program/course schedule

  • Plan according to the program

  • Take prerequisite courses

c.) Core Learning Stage:

  • Access self-learning material

  • Take and submit assessments

  • Attend live classes

  • Request program extension if needed

  • Complete project

  • Claim course certificate

d.) Post Learning Stage:

  • Get certified with a good percentage

  • Claim program certificate

  • Achieve a good score to be eligible for a job

  • Prepare for a job

  • Search for desired jobs

  • Apply for jobs

Each stage involves different tasks and interactions, which were analyzed to identify user pain points.

Pain Points

  • Learners are not able to associate skills with their learning

  • 38% of learners come for soft outcomes but don't receive recognition for learning alone

  • Learners have zero visibility of incremental skills gained, resulting in a lack of motivation

  • Career services are completely manual, and adoption rates are low

Designed Contextual Insights to Enhance Career Services

💡 Resume Insights:

  • 90% of resumes shortlisted have scores over 80 marks

  • 80% chance to stand out by mentioning white papers, research papers, or articles

  • Mention accomplishments and achievements as healthy competitors

💡 Q&A Sessions Insights:

  • 80% of people who attended Q&A sessions became technically stronger

  • 80% of mentors say intelligence is in basic fundamental questions

  • 90% of mentors say curiosity is the ultimate guide to being the best

💡 Technical Test Insights:

  • Learners scoring 70+ in technical tests are more likely to secure a job

  • A 20% improvement is needed in Data Structure and Algorithms

  • Tackle arithmetic questions at the end of the test to save time

💡 1:1 Interview Insights:

  • Interviewers say honesty in interviews builds trust in the candidate

  • Explaining the rationale behind thoughts helps interviewers understand candidates' thinking abilities

  • Communication and presentation skills create a 30% positive impact in interviews

These insights were used to improve the user experience and address pain points.

UI Screens with Features

Profile Building (Resume/CV):

  • Redirecting learners from LMS platform to resume builder third-party application

  • Providing resume scores and edit status to improve resumes

  • Offering insights to help learners create high-scoring resumes

Career Mentoring Services:

  • Allowing users to add sessions to their calendars based on availability

  • Displaying upcoming sessions with timers

  • Enabling learners to download past session recordings if they missed joining

Mock 1:1 Interview:

  • Empowering learners to book interview slots based on their availability

  • Facilitating learners to join interviews as scheduled

  • Providing scores and feedback from interviewers


This UX case study illustrates the process of enhancing Simplilearn's Job Guarantee Program by understanding user journeys, exploring career service provider platforms, and incorporating gamification elements. By addressing pain points and designing UI screens with features that provide seamless experiences across platforms, Simplilearn motivates learners to complete their courses and offers valuable career services that improve their chances of securing a job. The use of contextual insights ensures that learners receive personalized guidance and support throughout their learning journey, ultimately leading to higher success rates in job placements.

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