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Eat X - Food Ordering Application

Eat X revolutionizes modern kitchens with an AI-driven operating system, offering exclusive online ordering spaces for food brands. By providing personalized experiences and crypto-based rewards, Eat X enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Goal

Eat X building AI Brain to automate and scale kitchens. Modern kitchen operating system with data science & computer vision. Enabling brand owners to create an exclusive online ordering space only for their brands to serve their loyal customers. Also to reward their loyal customers with crypto coins for their loyalty with brand.

The Challenge

Customers using traditional online food ordering platforms often face several challenges, including:

  1. Overwhelming choices that lead to difficulty in decision-making

  2. Lack of cuisine-wise menu curation

  3. Inability to easily access favorite items

  4. No rewards or incentives for loyal customers

The Solution

To overcome these challenges and provide a superior user experience, Eat X has designed an app packed with innovative features that include:

  1. Cuisine-wise Menu: The app's intuitive interface offers users a well-organized menu that categorizes items based on their respective cuisines. This streamlined approach simplifies the browsing and selection process, helping users find their preferred dishes effortlessly.

  2. Showing Items Upfront: In a bid to create a more user-friendly experience, Eat X's app focuses on showcasing items directly, eliminating the need for users to navigate through multiple brand pages. This approach reduces the number of clicks required, making the ordering process faster and more efficient.

  3. Personalized Recommendations: The app's artificial intelligence capabilities analyze users' order history and individual preferences to provide personalized food recommendations. This feature ensures users have a tailored experience that caters to their unique tastes.

  4. Easy Navigation: Eat X's app has been designed with user convenience in mind. Users can seamlessly switch between different cuisine categories with simple right and left swipes, significantly improving navigation and the overall user experience.

  5. Reward System: To foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat orders, Eat X offers a unique reward system that grants loyal customers crypto coins. This innovative approach incentivizes users to maintain long-term relationships with their favorite brands and promotes increased engagement with the app.

  6. Invite Friends and Make Your Squad: Recognizing the importance of social interaction in the food ordering experience, Eat X allows users to invite friends, create squads, and earn or share rewards collectively. This feature not only enhances the user experience but also builds a sense of community and camaraderie among users.

User Journey and Rewards

Eat X's app incorporates a reward system that addresses both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation originates from user engagement with an activity because it is inherently rewarding, while extrinsic motivation is fueled by the desire to earn external rewards. Eat X caters to both motivations, offering intrinsic rewards like satisfaction from completing tasks or projects and extrinsic rewards such as tangible incentives with monetary value.

In-depth Exploration of Features:

  1. Cuisine-Based Menu: Eat X's app utilizes AI algorithms to analyze and categorize items based on their cuisine types. This feature allows users to quickly navigate through the menu and find items that suit their preferences.

  2. Personalized Recommendations: The app's AI-powered recommendation engine analyzes users' order history, preferences, and dietary restrictions to generate a list of personalized food suggestions. This feature not only enhances the user experience but also drives higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  3. Seamless Navigation: Eat X's app employs an intuitive navigation system that enables users to effortlessly switch between different cuisine categories with simple gestures. This feature significantly improves the app's usability and user satisfaction.

  4. Reward System: The app's reward system is built on a foundation of blockchain technology, ensuring secure and transparent transactions. Loyal customers are rewarded with crypto coins, which they can redeem for discounts, exclusive offers, or even transfer to friends and family.

  5. Invite Friends and Make Your Squad: The app's social feature allows users to invite friends to join their squad, promoting a sense of community and encouraging group engagement. Users can collectively earn rewards and share them with their squad members, further enhancing the app's appeal and fostering stronger relationships among users.


Eat X's innovative kitchen operating system, powered by AI, data science, and computer vision, aims to redefine the online food ordering experience. By offering a user-friendly app with unique features such as cuisine-based menus, personalized recommendations, seamless navigation, and a robust reward system, Eat X strives to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Through a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, Eat X motivates users to maintain long-term relationships with their favorite food brands. By harnessing the power of technology and innovative design, Eat X is transforming the modern kitchen experience, setting a new standard for the future of the food industry.

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